• Simple Design

    Simple to follow step by step guide for everyone to learn how to pray properly with ease

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    Reduce the time it take to learn how to pray, by following our effective 12 step learning guide

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  • Practical Learning

    Implement immediately! With our practical prayer rug, we have made it easy for you to learn anytime, anywhere

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The world’s most simple & effective product to learn how to pray.

A uniquely designed product providing step-by-step instructions to learn how to pray. Using the guided prayer rug you can now learn to pray simply and easily, dramatically reducing the time it takes to grasp this rewarding and obligatory pillar!

Hand-made in Turkiye

Our products are all hand-made with love by our blessed brothers and sisters in Turkiye. They take huge pride in sharing this journey with you, together, playing our part to please Allah the Most High.

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